How Does a TrueFrame Report Work?

When you discovery accident history, a TrueFrame certified inspector will identify prior repairs and existing damage to the exterior body of the vehicle and verify that it is structurally sound.

A TrueFrame inspection identifies good vehicles with a bad vehicle history report
by answering these questions:

  • Was the vehicle in a serious accident?
  • What work was done to the vehicle as a result of the accident?
  • Is there existing cosmetic damage to the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle meet TrueFrame's Structural Standards?
  • Is the vehicle structurally sound?

TrueFrame is an easy to read report that can be ordered by a licensed dealer.

The TrueFrame Report travels with the vehicle and provides an unbiased, third-party inspection summary that accompanies the vehicle to lot and online in order to provide a much more complete picture of the vehicle’s past and current condition.

By identifying those vehicles that are structurally sound despite their prior accident history – TrueFrame helps create a more transparent car buying experience, with more confident buyers and sellers.

Have concerns about a vehicle's accident history? | See the truth with a TrueFrame Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrueFrame?

TrueFrame is a company dedicated to helping potential used car buyers make an informed purchase decision on vehicles with prior accident records by identifying prior or existing damage – both cosmetic and structural.

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