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Order Your Inspection Now: as low as $149

  • 17% of used vehicles for sale have had previous reported, or unreported accident history.
  • The TrueFrame Report is the most comprehensive and unbiased structural vehicle inspection offered in the country.
  • The TrueFrame Report is trusted by consumers and over 1500 dealerships nationwide.

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Your Certified TrueFrame Certified Inspector will:

  • Identify where the reported damage occurred.
  • Uncover sub standard repairs, if any.
  • Meter the finish to for clues to previous paint repairs.
  • Inspect the uni-body and frame structure.
  • Measure the structural underpinnings of the vehicle.
  • Document the findings in an easy to read report to help you make an educated buying decision

Purchasing a car with accident history can save you thousands of dollars,
but before you say yes to the deal, hire us to say yes to the vehicle.

* Vehicles can be inspected within 2 hours if you are in a 10 mile radius of an inspector.