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What is a
TrueFrame Report?

The TrueFrame Report

TrueFrame Reports are designed to help identify previous repairs or existing cosmetic damage to motor vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrueFrame?

TrueFrame is a company dedicated to helping potential used car buyers make an informed purchase decision on vehicles with prior accident records by identifying prior or existing damage – both cosmetic and structural.

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Tired of prior accident histories raising doubts and causing confusion with your customers? Now there’s a solution: a TrueFrame inspection answers those question with a clear and thorough consumer-ready report. It also updates both the Carfax and AutoCheck reports to show that the vehicle has been inspected by TrueFrame and it meets our tough structural standards.

Unlike other vehicle inspections, a TrueFrame inspection focuses on structural integrity. It starts with frame or unibody measurements taken with digital precision and includes a visual inspection of the vehicle’s structural components. A TrueFrame Report also identifies where the vehicle was impacted in the prior accident and provides a cosmetic analysis of the vehicle’s exterior.

With a TrueFrame Report, your customers – and you – enjoy complete transparency into

  • The structural integrity of the vehicle
  • Analysis of any existing exterior cosmetic damage on the vehicle
  • Identification of any prior repairs and replaced parts to the vehicle’s exterior
  • Updates to the vehicle’s Carfax and AutoCheck reports

TrueFrame means faster sales and a more transparent retail transaction, by providing your customers with a third-party inspection that answers their questions about the vehicle’s accident history and current condition.

Build customer confidence with a TrueFrame Report.

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