About TrueFrame

TrueFrame is an independent third-party inspection company that believes truth, transparency, and accuracy are vital components of any vehicle purchase. Our mission is to inform automobile dealers and retail customers of prior repairs and present - sometimes hidden - damage to the exterior cosmetic components of vehicles and identify ones that meet TrueFrame's Structural Standards. Customers can feel at ease knowing that the TrueFrame Inspectors are the best in the industry.

We are dedicated to helping auto dealers and their retail customers take the guesswork out of vehicles with prior accident history. Vehicle history reports are a useful resource when buying a used car. When it comes to accidents however, they can be very vague. A vehicle history report may indicate front impact, rear impact, disabled, towed, etc. In many cases, a vehicle has very minor damage or no damage at all. Examples range from a parking lot fender bender to a blown tire on the interstate. There are also those accidents which leave a vehicle with moderate to major damage. 

This unclear information on the vehicle history report is why a TrueFrame Report is so important.

Consumers normally shy away from a used vehicle with prior accident history – many times missing out on a good car due to uncertainty. TrueFrame eliminates that uncertainty with a thorough and comprehensive inspection report. The knowledge and confidence you get with a TrueFrame report can be very helpful when buying a used car.